• Image of Produce Assortment (1 week)

Do you like the idea of a delivery of an assortment of seasonal local produce that is free of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides? Do you like to cook fresh food but don't eat at home enough to make a long term commitment to a CSA share? Would you like more flexibility in your options of produce than a typical CSA share can provide? Do you like some produce more than others or maybe not at all? If your answer is yes to these questions this produce assortment may be for you.

The assortment of produce is the same size (a half bushel) quantity (6-8 items) and weekly price as our 20 week counterpart CSA share option. However, it does not require the season long commitment of 20 weeks the box does. You will not receive the discount given with purchase of the 20 week box but you will gain more flexibility.

Unlike the 20 week box you will be able to send us a message, referencing your order number, specifying any preferences you have with your produce selection. Look around at our produce options from any of our producers for that week and let us know how you would like to customize your order. We won't be able to to give you all of one item or another but we will be able to "steer clear" on certain items and "go heavy" on others.

We will work to accommodate you as much as possible. There will still be some excitement of seasonal variety when you receive your produce but you provide some parameters. The customizing feature is unique to this assortment only.

Unlike our 20 week CSA share your delivery will be in a bag and will not require a deposit. If you would like us to deliver your produce to a cooler (which we recommend) please place a few frozen water bottles or reusable ice packs in the bottom when you set it out on Sunday for delivery Monday morning. Please do not use loose ice to chill your cooler.